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Ba Vi National Park

For people who have a passion for motorbike riding and the great outdoors, one day riding to Ba Vi National Park is a very worthwhile experience.

Ba Vi National Park (Vườn quốc gia Ba Vì) is a national park located 48km west of Hanoi. The park is 7,377 ha (28.4 square miles) in area, and is located in the Ba Vì mountain range. The park has rich and diverse tropical and subtropical species of flora and fauna.

Hanoi - Ba Vi - Hanoi (160km/5 hours/2 ways)


At 8.30am we leave Hanoi for two hours riding to Ba Vi National Park. Upon arrival, we trek to discover and observe the natural surroundings.

Have lunch in a local restaurant, then keep trekking in the park for more experiences of the nature and animals living in the area. In the afternoon, we ride back to Hanoi, arriving back in Hanoi at around 6.00pm.


Hanoi and Surrounding Villages

Escape from the city for a chance to explore the real rural Vietnam. We will ride through typical Vietnamese villages, enjoying picturesque landscapes, and meeting local farmers. Get a different impression and a different point of view.

Hanoi - Bac Ninh (40km / 1.5 hours)


At 8.30am we leave Hanoi and enjoy the scenery of rural Vietnam on the way. There will be a short break for 20 minutes at a large pagoda on the outskirts of Hanoi.

We then ride through picturesque and interesting places. Get a glimpse of the rice fields, visit a pagoda, and the village assembly hall, and then cool down along the riverside. We can make stops upon your request anywhere and everywhere for memorable photos or some added exploration. Our guide will be enthusiastic to help you talk with the local people so that you can learn about their life. Break for lunch in a local restaurant. Back on the bikes for some more two-wheeled adventure to explore the countryside. We will be riding along the river dike, from mulberry fields to brick fields, passing by temples and war memorials before returning to Hanoi.


Hanoi - Hoa Binh

Visit one of the biggest hydro-stations in Southeast Asia and discover the local daily life in northwest Vietnam. Hoa Binh is endowed with many famous landscapes and scenic beauties with gigantic chains of mountains stretching to the horizon, rocky streams and impressive waterfalls that look like a fairy-land on earth.

Hanoi - Hoa Binh (80km/ 2.5 hours)


At 8.30am we leave Hanoi for the ride to Hoa Binh. Enjoy the scenery along the way as you ride in to a really peaceful area. We will be riding to visit the Hoa Binh hydro-station, one of the biggest in Southeast Asia, to capture the panoramic view. Short break for lunch, then we keep riding to visit the local villages to discover the local daily life. Arrive back in Hanoi at around 6.00pm.


Red River & Bat Trang Pottery Village

The Red (Hong) River, also known Cai or Ca (Mother) river is the second largest river in Vietnam after the Mekong. It descends from Yunnan in mountainous southwestern China. It enters Vietnam near the Lao Cai border and curves through the northern plains for more than 1,000km before emptying into beautiful Ha Long Bay.

The Red River Delta is the hub of all economic activity in the north of Vietnam and is where most of the region’s population is concentrated. Until the development of a strong road system, the Red River was the main route transporting cargo to and from the capital.

While an inspiring expanse of water that waters and fertilises a vast and fertile delta, the river is not as popular with locals and visitors as those in other parts of Vietnam. This is because some stretches of the banks through Hanoi are strewn with rubbish or covered with often unsightly illegal housing.

However, for those interested in what can be called the soul of Hanoi, river tours have opened up this magnificent stretch of water still has an idyllic appearance in places.

Few tourists, or Hanoians themselves, have seen the beauty of the pagodas, villages and market gardens stretching along quiet banks of the river less than 6km away. River tours are a wonderful escape from the noise and dust of Hanoi.

If you missed your breakfast you should bring some snacks to take you through to our first stop.


At 7.30am, we embark at 42 Chuong Duong Do Wharf. After two hours, we disembark to make the first stop to visit some historic temples, before continuing down the river and stopping again to visit temples and historic relics along the way.

At midday, enjoy a traditional Vietnamese lunch prepared on the boat.

At 2.30pm, we arrive at the pottery village of Bat Trang. Bat Trang pottery village is a traditional village famed for hand-made pottery and ceramic products that are made from a special kind of clay. Take time to walk around, browse and shop.

At 3.30pm, we’re back on the boat to start the trip back to Hanoi. Arrive in Hanoi at around 4.30pm.


Handicraft Villages Cycling Tour

Explore the rattan, bamboo and laquer villages (Chuong, Vac and Duyen Thai Villages) on the outskirts of Hanoi. This trip is best enjoyed in the dry cool months of January and December.


At 7.30am, we go by bus from Hanoi to Chuong Village (1 hour) and then start cycling through the village, visiting the market and family workshops (1 hour). Continue cycling to Vac Village and Tien Lu Village where we visit family workshops, the village’s temple and church. Go by bus to Thuong Tin and stop for lunch in the town.

In the afternoon, we start cycling again to Duyen Thai Village to visit the family lacquer ware workshops (1 hour). Head back to Hanoi by car or bus.