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My name is Thai Tinh (Thai), I was born in Phu Tho Province in the north of Vietnam in 1980 and I have been a self-employed travel guide in Vietnam since 2000. Through the numerous treks I have guided across the whole of Vietnam I have gained a lot of experience and I now have a very good knowledge of my country’s, history, culture and places of interest well away from the main tourist paths.

If you plan to make a trip to Vietnam to discover the country and its main attractions then I would be very pleased to be your travel guide and to show you the treasures of my country.

I am based in Hanoi where I live with my lovely wife, Lien, and our football-mad son, Tu. Being based in Hanoi is the reason I do most of my treks to the north of Vietnam. Also, being a Northerner, I think this area is the most interesting and beautiful.

I would like to create an itinerary for you based on what you wish to do and see; it does not matter which part of Vietnam interests you.

I believe the best way to discover Vietnam’s heartland is almost certainly by motorbike. This is the best way to explore and discover Vietnam and to see the country as the Vietnamese do. You will also feel free and independent driving on your motorbike.

The countryside where we will travel will always be very impressive and beautiful. Every day, we will pass rice paddies, rivers, tropical palms as well as fields of tapioca and sugarcane. On the way you will meet people like farmers, ethnic minorities, like the Hmong or the Dao, and lots of children who smile and wave to you.

I will always endeavor to make your trek an unforgettable experience that will live with you forever.

If you choose the option of travelling by motorbike, then rest assured that before driving the motorbike I will provide you with instructions about the road conditions and training in riding the motorbike. Then your adventure in Vietnam is ready to begin.

Although Go Bamboo specializes in motorbike treks, this is only one area of my services.

Especially for families or more mature guests, a more comfortable way of travelling but not less interesting is taking a seven seater 4WD vehicle (with driver) into the heartland. The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning and that makes the trip much more comfortable.

Driving a 4WD vehicle will offer you a lot more of the Vietnamese countryside and we can stop everywhere to enjoy the beauty of Vietnam. In fact, we can provide any form of transport to suit your needs from a bicycle to a 45 seater air-conditioned bus.

It will be my pleasure to tailor an itinerary to suit your requirements or take you on one of our own designed tours that will take you away from the tourist swirl and into areas where very few foreigners visit. As well as a lot of experience as a guide in Vietnam, I’ve also been building up experience in other parts of Asia, especially northern Laos, so borders are no boundary! Just let me know what areas you are interested in visiting, and I can help you plan a great trip.

By the way, any time I am already booked and not personally available to be your guide, I will hand-pick another guide from my network who is equally skilled, experienced and friendly. My reputation is the most important thing to me, and I will always guarantee your guide will deliver a quality service.